Icha and Bilal, her nickname and her father’s name then she puts them together because there are other Icha(s) in this world (only in Indonesia, I suppose) so she just wanna make it different. She is a thinker but also a doer too (sometimes) 🙂 and this site is about her thoughts. What kinda thought is that? Yes! She tends to think all the time, by reading, by learning, by traveling, by writing, by chatting, by shopping, by eating and by sleeping.

Born in Pekalongan, Central Java and  been there for 17 years, but feels like she really “grown-up” in Bandung for 4,5 years. Ups and downs, happy and sad, good and bad, love and hatred, among friendship, enemies, and lover, also dreams, hopes and failures. been through ‘em in such an instant. She loves both of them, bien sûr!

Had such a memorable journey in Turkey while having kinda student exchange or internship or what-so-called voluntary stuff. been there for only 1,5 months but got many things that hopefully will contribute to “son avenir”. Found new places, a new soul, new friends and new families that what made her always miss it, perhaps.

Now, looking for other fulfillment and accomplishment in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Always been argued by her family to move to this god-damn-its-always-traffic-jam city because she’s only here herself, alone. Yes, that is what always on her family’s mind. Crazy enough, though, but just try to survive. Always will and always have. Because life is hard and it’s all about choice.

Dare to dream, dare to be different. She believes that all of her thoughts will come true, no matter how hard they are and she doesn’t even know when. But, sure they will..  only if she tries a lil bit harder. Amen..

Also find her @ichabilal








4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ci Icha. Saya kepingin ke turkey…. Cm tanya dl, bajatnya berapa? Susah ngak masuk turkey? Saya dengar klu kesana udah ngak pake visa lagi? Ci Icha sampai kapan di turkey? Ci Icha kerja disana ato bagaimana?

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